Robin Padilla Died – Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez Dismayed Over Death Hoax about Action Star

By | October 2, 2021
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Robin Padilla Died – Superstar wedded couple Robin Padilla and Mariel Padilla responded to counterfeit news about the entertainer’s passing flowing on the web.

Web-based media these days, rather than being utilized to spread energy and updates about recent developments, has turned into certain individuals’ foundations to get out the counterfeit word. Many individuals, particularly the renowned characters, were the casualties of this, and generally, it is about their passing. This is which is the reason to think before clicking and to consistently ensure that your sources are genuine sites.

There is a phony photograph that was purportedly revealed by Kapuso telecaster Mike Enriquez and previous Kapuso anchorperson Rhea Santos.

Robin is 50 years of age, while Mariel is 36.

Robin concurred that this was not whenever somebody first had gotten out pernicious word that he had died.

In April 2020, Robin’s more seasoned sibling BB Gandanghari was likewise the casualty of a demise lie.

BB then, at that point, quieted down and was influenced by the malevolent news, particularly since he was distant from everyone else at his home in Los Angeles, California.

BB additionally had a feeling at that point, regardless of his association in a passing deception, that his siblings Robin and Rommel Padilla in the Philippines didn’t welcome him.

The next month, in May 2020, Robin’s message was accounted for that he trusted BB would quit pouting.

Robin said it was only an incident that he was hospitalized and he had another family issue that he confronted so he was unable to converse with BB.

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